“Seashells by the Seashore”

Remember those trips to the beach when you were just a little kid? You would walk along the shoreline with your little green bucket swinging from your hand as you scanned the sand for a beautiful shell to add to your sandy collection. Maybe it was a whole sand dollar, or perhaps a jewel toned shard of shell. Everything was a treasure. You would bring them home, hose them off, and line them up on the warm bricks to dry. What is is about collecting seashells that is timeless?

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“Seashells by the Seashore”

“Silent Shroud”

Remember when photos were something you got in packs of 12 or 24 from the drive up Kodak Fotomat? Your options consisted of rounded corners or normal corners. If you had a really special image, you could go to the local photography shop for a paper enlargement made in their darkroom. Oh how far we’ve come from those days. Today, the options are incredible…

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Imagery for Outdoor Areas

From RAW to Finished Image

I get a lot of questions about workflow when I’m out shooting the surf scene. First, I appreciate the question because there is so much more to capturing a good image than just pointing and shooting and anyone who asks the question has obviously struggled with the editing process. So, here I strive to share the steps I take once the day’s shooting is complete and I’m back at the computer.

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Editing: The Surfing Workflow

“Silent Hunter”

A lemon shark silently glides through the shallows. The tip of its caudal making just the smallest of ripples on the surface of the water. A yellow pilot fish effortless mimics the movement just off the right pectoral fin. The texture of the sand is fine, ground up coral. It’s color is white, but reflects the green of the jungle just meters away. The moment passes quickly, but fortunately the image lasts forever. How was it captured?

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“Silent Hunter:” The Story Behind the Image

Purple Haze

One of the beauties of our modern, connected world is the access to all sorts of cool images. We see them every day on social media. Often, however, there is disconnect between photography and art. How many images do you see posted on Instagram that you immediately think would look good hanging in your home of office? Not many, I would venture to guess. But here is another way to think about it…

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Photography as Art: It’s in the Installation

Shooting surfers in the water or seeking the next cool wave shot is immensely fun and a heck of a workout. Our bodies, however, are warm blooded – that is we pump blood to keep warm. When we submerged in water that is colder than our body, our muscles and nerves start to cool and over time and this leads to loss of strength and coordination (not so wonderful)! Here in San Diego, our average ocean temperature is only 63. So what to do?

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Surf Photography – Hacks for Staying Warm


The ocean: always changing; always beautiful. I have spent thousands of hours on the shore gazing through my lens at different aspects of the Pacific and I am drawn to the shapes and colors of incoming swells. To me, there is real art in the swell and it only depends on how you choose to capture it. A slow shutter blur is one method that creates beautiful images. Here’s how it is done:

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Capturing the Flow of the Ocean